Meet The Team

Bonga Masoka

Founder and Director

Bonga started his art, design and painting career with training in graphic designing and painting from Central Johannesburg College (FET college) in 2006 before pursuing his undergraduate studies in Public Policy and Politics at the University of Cape Town. In his first year of university, he started pursuing a career in entrepreneurship, founding and directing a social enterprise in the Early Childhood Development space. After completing his degree in 2014, he moved back to Johannesburg and joined a family business in agri-tech, green energy and environmental (mining land) rehabilitation before creating Splash Coatings Africa in 2017.

The journey of Splash has been like any other growth-based start-up. From selling one bucket of paint and painting four roomed and RDP sized houses to selling

Sonto Nkosi

Product Development

With a background in management and administration, and strong personal qualities including interest and aptitude for developing new skills, Sonto was chosen as the best candidate to head our Product Development office. She is responsible for manufacturing and product placement for wholesale and retail purposes. As the first person after Bonga Masoka to join the company on a permanent basis, Sonto spent most of her two years going through training, including in paint manufacturing and factory management.

Patience Mogale


Need help painting your home?

To ensure that our products are applied to meet your expected premium standard, and to achieve the quality and durability set out in their design and manufacturing, we have decided to assist you with our painting services, provided you don’t have a qualified painter.

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