We paint houses into homes and color in people’s lives

Our Story

Splash Coatings Africa is a Johannesburg based black, youth and women co-owned and managed company that specializes in the manufacturing, retail and application of architectural and Infrastructure based premium coatings (paint).

The company was founded in 2017 by Bonga Masoka after acquiring a set of well researched and developed paint formulations – 15 years of continuous research and development – with the intention of finding the perfect balance between sustainability (environmentally friendliness), durability, excellent quality in finishes and affordability.

Growing up without a place to call home; and having promised to build his mother a house just before she passed on 2012, Bonga saw the acquisition of the formulations as an opportunity to live up to the promise of building his mother a house. He saw it as an opportunity to use paint and color to create a feeling of a home for others – hence the company saying, ‘painting houses into homes and color in people’s lives.’ After all, we all deserve a premium place to call home.

Inspired by the saying “men build houses and women build homes”, Bonga brought together a group of young women, referred to as Women of Color to co-own the the company with him, and also take a lead in the directing and management of the company, including in Product Development (manufacturing), Distribution (retail) and Services (application). He brought together women who understood that similar to each and everyone of them, every building or house has a story, and that color is a tool that could be utilized to bring about and/or enhance light in those stories.

Painting Expert

To ensure that our products are applied to meet your expected premium standard, and to achieve the quality and durability set out in their design and manufacturing, we have decided to assist you with our painting services, provided you don’t have a qualified painter.