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SPLASH COATINGS AFRICA is a 90% black, young and women co-owned property and home improvement company that specialises in the manufacturing, supply and application of architectural and infrastructure based premium coatings/paint.

The company was established to take advantage of, primarily, South Africa’s rapidly growing home improvement industry, including the urbanizing township market and its growing demand for the provision of reliable, professional, accountable and affordable property/home improvement and painting services, including the supply of paint products that meet sustainability, durability, environmentally friendliness and excellent quality at an affordable price


When the opportunity to own an Intellectual Property (IP) in a form of paint formulations was presented to Bonga Masoka in 2017, having lived his entire life without a home, he looked at the offering as an opportunity to own a resource (paint or color) that could be utilized to assist in creating homes for others. More especially those, similar to him, who’s hearts have never experienced how it feels to live in a home.

Inspired by the saying ‘men build houses and women build homes’, Bonga brought together a
group of young women, which he refers to as Women of Color, to co-own the company with him, and take a lead in directing and managing it, including in the manufacturing and application (painting) of the products. He brought together women who understood that similar to each and every one of them, every building has a story, and that color is a tool that can be utilized to bring about and/or enhance light in those stories.


As Women of Colour, we believe that through a splash of paint/colour, we can make a difference in people lives, in their psychological, social and economic status.

Psychologically, we believe that through colour, we can enhance people’s emotional, mental and behavioural responses. And socially, empower and influence their perception of the environment they live in. While economically, provide tools, resources and skills to other young women of colour to influence the economics of their communities (through job creation).

Splash Coat (Exclusive and Simply luxury)

• Good hidingpower.
• UV stability.
• Interior / Exterior wall coatings with a velvety sheen (eggshell) and beautiful soft and smooth quality finish.
High scrub and stain resistance.
• Will not lose luster - soft reflected light (earthly pigments to ensure extendedperiod).

Splash Roof

• Roof coating with a sheen finish.
• Good hiding power.
• UV stable.
• Will not lose luster.

Splash Plaster Primer/Ceiling 

• Interior / Exterior wall primer (protective first coat)
• Good hiding and penetration capability
• Lead free alkali resistant bonding strength • Super adhesive • Multi functionality
• Excellent opacity
• High polymer load

Splash Fibre-Seal

• Fibro-Seal is a highly flexible and reinforced fiber blended waterproofing compound
• No fabric reinforcing
• Needed for gaps /cracks less than 5mm
• Used on roofs, parapet walls, copings, flashingand joints

Splash E-namel

• Supreme stain resistance
• Excellent cleanability and wear resistance
• Low odour
• Washable
• Water based

Splash Seal

• Interior / Exterior selanant (protective first coat)
• Excellent hiding and penetration capability
• Super adhesive
• Excellent opacity


As a paint manufacturing company, our story to property/home improvement begins with painting. We've invested significant amount of time and resources in ensuring that we train our painting team, more especially Women of Color in painting techniques, style, quality control and assurance and customer services.

We've invested in landscaping, interior design, architect, and other related property/home improvement services.




Bonga Masoka

Business Development

Experience (7 years) - Start-Up’s Business System Development
079 508 9305 

Anastasia Ruiters

Director: Services and Application

065 594 2064 

Karabo Masenya

Director: Product Development
073 891 0953 

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